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Product Design and Liability

Analytic Engineering’s technical background in product development and safety engineering is relied upon to review the design of a particular product, compliance with codes and standards, suitability for the intended purpose and/or relationship to a specific event or accident.


Some Product Design Issues:

Did the product meet the contractual requirements?

Does the product perform as intended?

Is the product in conformance with codes and industry standards?

Can the product be used efficiently and safely?

Is the product Ergonomically sound?

Does the product have sufficient instructions and warnings for the user?

Are there inherent risks and is the utility offered by the product sufficient?


Analytic Engineering offers the expertise to evaluate these questions, perform testing as necessary to support the evaluation and to effectively communicate the resulting professional opinions.


For examples of the types of products evaluated, please see our Products and Equipment page.


Please contact Analytic Engineering to discuss your specific needs.