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Analytic Engineering has the ability to retrieve the Crash Data stored in many modern vehicles Inflatable Restraint Systems through the Bosch Crash Data Retrieval System.  This "Black Box" data can be very useful in determining causality in accident scenarios, particularly when use in combination with traditional accident reconstruction techniques.


Vehicular Accident Reconstruction uses the information available after an accident or "crash" event, in combination with applied mechanical properties and principles to establish the cause(s) of the event.  This information is gathered from a variety of sources: witness recollections; configuration of the area; traffic control devices; physical damage; occupant dynamics; weather conditions; lighting issues; vehicle configuration, capabilities and condition; marks on the roadway;  ...


The scientific fields involved are extensive and include:


Mechanical Engineering

Newtonian Physics

Material Science

Structural Mechanics





Human Factors

Heat Transfer

Traffic Engineering - Among Others.


The interrelation of variables in an accident can be very complex, requiring appropriate knowledge in the above fields.  At Analytic Engineering, Vehicular Accident Reconstruction is conducted by a Professional Engineer with specific training in the field.


The types of cases handled includes:



Commercial Vehicles




Construction Sites

Traffic Control Plans

Roadway Design

Traffic Safety

Line of Sight Issues

Lighting Conditions and Visibility


Equipment Failure

Cargo Loading and Securement

Roadway Friction Characteristics

Occupant Dynamics

Low Speed Impacts

Seat Belts



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